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Thread: What are the most premium(ie expensive), standard(ie neutral) strings for an EBMM?

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    What are the most premium(ie expensive), standard(ie neutral) strings for an EBMM?


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    I'm not sure about premium, standard, etc. But, I usually use M-Steels, which came on my Cutlass and which I quickly put on my AL HH, I really like these strings. I use Slinkys on my Axis SSs.

    I've tried the Paradym (sp?) strings and didn't really bond with them, but that's just my take.

    Also, there is a section in this forum for strings, which may be helpful to you.
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    My preference is Elixir Nanoweb strings.

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    I’ve used Elixir’s but have recently been using RPS Coated titanium by ERnie Ball because I can’t 8s in Elixirs
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    I stumbled upon StringJoy out of Nashville. Iíve been trying out their Broadways Classic Super Light Gauge (9-40) Pure Nickel strings, and love them (on one of my Axis Tribute guitars). Pure nickel with a round core wire gives you that old school warm tone and shimmer, with a smooth playability. Down side is round core is not as durable as a hexagonal core.

    Price does not necessarily correlate to performance. There is a ton of information online about how different metals and core shapes can influence the sound of your guitar and itís specific construction (woods used, etc.), with your pick-ups. Best thing you can do is educate yourself on these differences and trial and error for string materials and gauge preferences for your tone and feel.


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    I use DR strings, the G string actually stays in tune with them so that's an instant win in my book

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyboogie View Post
    My preference is Elixir Nanoweb strings.
    That is my preference too. 9's

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    So, I'm not sure what the original question really means. "Premium" is in the eye of the beholder ... some strings have particular features that make them handy for a given purpose (e.g. RPS strings with the reinforced ball end, coated to prevent corrosion, etc). "Neutral" isn't really a thing with strings, since composition obviously affect their sonic qualities.

    This is sort of turning into a "what kind of strings do you like" thread. Personally (and I'm not just saying this b/c this forum is owned by Ernie Ball / Music Man), I'm die hard EB fan. Started with something else, but wound up at EB and have always been happy (Slinkys, Cobalt, and Paradigm on various guitars).

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    Super Slinkys for me all the way. Used them for many many years
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jp6Fanatic View Post
    I use DR strings, the G string actually stays in tune with them so that's an instant win in my book
    All the strings stay in tune... as long as strung on a MM.
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    super slinky 9-42. my finger-sweat kills strings fast so I need to change them pretty often -- don't want to get into fancy strings. love the sound of pure nickel but I can kill a set of those in a week.

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