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Thread: Shimming a music man neck

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    Shimming a music man neck

    I saw that music man offers those little plastic shims that go on the 2 neck bolts closest to the bridge.

    I’ve read that this creates a gap in the neck pocket. But so does a fender micro tilt I believe. They both function the same.

    Would it be better to use a shim blank like this?

    (The one without pre-drilled holes)

    StewMac Neck Shims for Guitar |
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    I honestly don't really think it matters. The wood in the neck joint compresses slightly all around. Adding that little bit of uncompressible plastic is what EBMM counts on to give their neck angle. I don't really think you're losing much if anything but not having full direct wood on wood contact.

    Feel free to go search the gear page for endless discussions of neck pocket shims.
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    You could try those shims.

    However I use a cut up piece of a business card as these tend to have a good thickness. It usually only goes towards the back of the neck pocket as a strip, no more than a 3 * 1 centimetre strip. This has worked for me, others may have done theirs differently. Remember, a little (by way of shim thickness) goes a long way towards the action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbonesullivan View Post
    The wood in the neck joint compresses slightly all around.
    I should add this is a mahogany body. I’m guessing a little softer than ash.

    I wonder if a EBMM shim would indent the softer body over time. Worst case would be using a thicker shim I suppose.

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    I had to shim one of mine - with the thinnest of the MM shims. No problems whatsoever, it is thin and I sure don't notice any gap or tonal changes

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