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Thread: European only colors?

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    European only colors?


    I'm new to the EBMM line, having acquired a 2002 Axis and a 1997 Axis hardtail recently and I'm 100% loving these guitars. I wish I hadn't waited so long to try them.

    It's got me thinking about finally just breaking down and buying a Luke. I started watching on Reverb and some other places, but it seems like two of the colors I really, really like - Boysenberry and Blueberry burst only seem to be in Europe.

    My apologies if this is a known question, but do they release the same colors everywhere? Or am I doomed to have to buy a guitar from overseas to get the color I'd like?


    (That said -- anyone actually have or see in person the Fuscia sparkle? It looks closer to pink than purple to me, but I'm really curious about it, too...and I can get it from Sweetwater.)

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    AFAIK they are the same worldwide, but some retailers will do partnerships where they get a special run finish. Those two were standard though and available to all dealers
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    Yep what Trip said, I'm just here to fill out and copy/paste some details of the Premier Dealer Network... pretty sure what was called the Premier Dealer Network has been sort of shifted into the BFR line in the last couple years... the description below was copied from an old PDN product page for the Starry Night color... they'd toss the color up on the website for a few months, show how it looked on a few of their popular basses and guitars and you could order it from a verified EBMM dealer and down the road you'd get your fairly unique EBMM... they were regular run guitars with that one off color applied in very limited quantities.

    I owned a PDN Cardinal Red Sparkle Luke III for a few years!

    From EBMM:

    Premier Dealer Network
    Exclusive limited edition instruments

    Welcome to the Ernie Ball Music Man Premier Dealer Network; a select, international group of high-end retailers with the exclusive opportunity to stock special, limited-edition models that showcase the highest level of quality and workmanship inherent to all our instruments. Starry Night, the all-new Premier Dealer Network offering for 2016 features an exclusive limited edition sparkle burst finish. The package also includes a figured, roasted maple neck with stainless steel frets atop an unmarked ebony fretboard - a first from Ernie Ball Music Man.
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    EBMM guitars are available worldwide with no continental restrictions.

    However, every now and then there are a few select finishes solely available in some vendors. These include store exclusives (i.e. Guitar Store, Willcut Guitars etc.) and country exclusives (i.e. Japan-only).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlf599 View Post
    seems like two of the colors I really, really like - Boysenberry and Blueberry burst only seem to be in Europe.
    I think what you’re observing there is colors which were recently dropped from the lineup, and it takes a bit for new product to become available globally. If there’s a color you really want, call customer service and they might be able to help you track one down in the US if a dealer has it in stock. I dont know which pickup configuration you are wanting, but Willcutt Guitars (Lexington, KY) has one in each of those colors at present. Check Reverb, too. Happy hunting!
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    Thanks for the replies all! Wilcutt isn't far from me so I think I'm going to go see if I can play it late next week. I was hoping for a dual humbucker but I'll try the HSS and see if I like it.

    I think I got spoiled by my first EBMM -- Axis in Blue Dawn.

    If I end up with a Luke next week, we'll have a NGD thread.


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