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Thread: Sterling pickups have metric or imperial screws?

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    Sterling pickups have metric or imperial screws?

    Does anyone know if Sterling Pickups have metric or imperial screws? Specifically interested in the humbuckers (and even more specifically the Valentine Signature) but any info is appreciated. (If you have one lating around and a way of checking - please help a colleague out here. Thanks.)

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    Sterling Valentine has metric. However, as these are phillips head screws, it's the thread that matters, and the ones that holds "the ears" of the pickup, it doesn't really matter. The frames are wooden screws and are metric too. If you need to screw them off and on repeatedly you may wear out the wooden threads in the body wood soon. The metals screws for the ears of the pickups has very little material in the actual ears, as threads to make any significant difference or wear in the long run.

    I am pretty sure Indonesian made Sterlings are metric, and EBMM original made in USA are imperial.

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