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Thread: James Valentine BFR Questions

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    James Valentine BFR Questions

    Is the neck profile the same on the EBMM as the Sterling I owned? I generally liked the Sterling but found the neck thin for my tastes. In fact, neck profiles are probably my biggest dislike on EBMM. Ideal neck shapes for me are something like the PRS Silver Sky, PRS Vintage, or Ron Kirns Medium C on his T styles.

    What's customer service like on EBMM models? If I ever have an issue do I just email?

    What makes a BFR different or better than a regular model? It seems to me it's mostly limited colors, different inlays, and things like fancier flamed maple roasted necks. Is there something additional I might not be considering?

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    So yes customer service is usually great to work with, very helpful, they only work during the week, so keep that in mind.

    BFR's are basically what you said, limited in numbers, sometimes signed.

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    In my experience, a Valentine BFR will be more like a Silver Sky in neck shape IF it has a bound neck. I haven’t played the Sterling version of the Valentine, but the regular Valentine is certainly not as beefy as the Silver Sky neck, though I wouldn’t call it thin. That’s a subjective statement, obviously. (I have a Silver Sky along with my Valentine, and sold a bound-neck BFR Valentine a few months ago. Not because it wasn’t great, but because I wanted a standard Cutlass and didn’t need 2 Valentines.)
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    I appreciate you both doing your best to answer my questions.

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