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Thread: Axis and axis super sport pickup height

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    Axis and axis super sport pickup height

    I've search the forum but I can't find a definitive measurement of the pick up heights. Before you say that they are hard mounted and not adjustable please listen first. If someone shims their neck it is going to reflect a different measure. With the string pressed on the last fret, I have an axis floyd that measures 5/64 for the bridge and 10/64 for the neck. For my super sport they are in the same range BUT I bought it second hand and there are washers shimming both pickups up to these measurements. They would be way lower without them. Can anyone please measure their super sport pickup heights in 64s with the string pressed down on the last fret? Thanks

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    This might (???) help you...
    MM90 pup height?
    Balls are Best!!

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    thanks. I just wish there was a number listed for the axis. These are different pickups made by a different manufacturer. I'm just not sure that the washers were installed by musicman or not so if someone could relay their super sport default measurements, it would be great.

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    for those wanting to know... the response from EB was...The Axis Super Sport pickups are direct mount to body and not adjustable from factory (outside of adding a shim or routing). We set them up in factory so the strings sit about 4/32" above the bridge pickup and about 6/32" above the neck pickup

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