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Thread: Intonation Screws

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    Intonation Screws

    Hi Guys,

    First time posting. It's a pretty simple question with a convoluted reason for asking.

    TLDR: What was the diameter on the intonation screws on a Sterling Vintage Tremolo

    I'm currently halfway through a build and I was planning on installing a sterling vintage tremolo. I'm also wanting to put a B-Bender on the guitar. I have a saddle, where the intonation screw has been drilled through so you can run the string through the bridge and into the bender. I just want to make sure this'll fit on the bridge I'm planning on buying or if I'll have to get it drilled out. The screw I'm planning to installing is about 4mm in diameter.

    Thanks in advance
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    Where were you planning on getting a Sterling Vintage Tremolo? I don't know if SBMM sells their bridges. EBMM certainly doesn't.

    Also, I'm pretty sure a tremolo and a B-bender would NOT work together.
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    Someone is selling one locally so I'm assuming it came off their guitar. I realise the B-Bender wouldn't normally work but between the through saddles and the cwkshop bender I think I can make it work. I just won't be able to tremolo the b string. Saddle screws - Album on Imgur

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    The lad finally got back to me. In case anyone stumbles on this thread I the distant future the screws are 2.6mm

    Musicman Intonation Screw - Album on Imgur

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