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    Question SBMM JP150 nut

    Hi, I own a SBMM JP150 and I want to upgrade the plastic nut to a bone or tusk nut. If possible I would like to do the replacement myself so I wont have to pay extra for labor. I know there is no chance that I will be able to make a nut from a blank so I wanted to know if any companies make bone or tusk nuts that will fit into my guitar with either slight or no modification needed. In cases you dont know the JP150 has a 42mm nut with a fretboard radius of 16".

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    Graptech make great nuts that are pre-slotted as a guide but it will require removing material either from the bottom or top of the nut and may still require carefully filing the nut slots. And nobody makes nuts pre-slotted for a 16" radius so it will probably be necessary. Learning how to work your own nuts is not difficult but you'll have to invest in the tools and if you're trying to save money it's definitely not the way to go. And certainly if avoiding frustration and potentially ruining a few nuts as you learn is part of the calculation, especially if you don't have the right tools, a luthier is the cheapest way. And remember, it's not just "labor" you're paying for, it's their knowledge and skill to get the job done right.
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