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Thread: Axis high action low E at first fret

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    Axis high action low E at first fret

    Greetings -

    I have a 2006 Axis. I just had it set up but the low E action is a hair too high. I was told it would be too much work to try to lower that string. I took it to another guitar shop and he agreed it was just a hair too high but not worth trying to lower that string because the treble strings were where they should be. Truss rod and saddles are set fine and plays fine...I wish I could get the E to be a little lower. Is it common for action to be high at nut with Floyd Rose type tremolos. The luthier seemed negative regarding steel nuts. How’s the action on your guitars at first fret? I was pretty much told to just deal with it. 😪
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    You could file down the wood, from high e to low e where the nut rests. Ideally you want to file off more of the low e end than high e. It does not take much filed down wood to make a difference. The trick in your instance is take more off the low e end than high e end. A good luthier should be able to accomplish that. I've done it to a neck myself.

    Are the measurements, string height to first fret within standard?

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    Thanks Stevie!!

    I took it to another guitar shop and it was fixed in 15 minutes and plays great. He cut shim under the nut in half and I think lowered action a hair. Good to go!!!

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    I was gonna say, most Floyd locking nuts have a shim. Just need to fix that. I'm surprised the other places didn't pick up on that.
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