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Thread: Closest SSS neck to a Valentine?

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    Closest SSS neck to a Valentine?

    I got a EBMM Valentine a few months ago and can't get over what a great instrument this is. My PRSes are lonely, yada yada. You all know the drill.

    The only thing I would change about it would be the pickup layout. At heart I am mainly a SSS guy and had mostly moved away from Tele and HH guitars when I ended up with the Valentine. I am getting a ton of use out of it as it is but my #1 is always going to also need the 3rd and 4th switch position tones.

    What do you all suggest would be the closest SSS/HSS type guitar to match the neck profile and general build quality of the Valentine? The soft V of the Cutlass makes that guitar a pass for me (my L3 sadly is a case queen because of this). Online research suggests that nut width and neck depth on a Silver Sky is closest but I have no local PRS dealer anymore and spending hours running the racks doesn't seem like the best call at this point in history.

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    Most of the Silver Sky listings I've seen that show neck depth measurements show it as having a somewhat thicker neck than the listings I've seen for Valentines, plus they are the vintage Fender 7.25" radius (if fingerboard radius matters to you).

    I would suggest a couple of other EBMM models - the Albert Lee and the Silhouette Special. Of course the only new Silhouette Specials are HSS, but they were made in SSS configuration as well through 2015 (I think - I believe the SSS version was retired when the first Cutlass models came out as they didn't add an HSS Cutlass until 2017).

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    My Valentine and Silver Sky feel very similar in shape, with the SS having just a bit more heft to it. Radius is quite different, as John mentioned. One other option would be the Hunter Hayes Cutlass. It’s neck is shallower than the Valentine, but certainly not any kind of V profile. You’d want to look at how the electronics are configured to see if that would be an option for you. It’s also a hardtail, which might deter you.

    My regular Cutlass is not a neck that I’d call out as a V (my son’s is) but there is variation there due to the hand finishing.

    Good luck with your search!
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    I’d concur about the Cutlass V, I don’t feel it is particularly noticeable on mine and I swap between it and the valentine no problem. The SSS Albert Lee May be worth a look though for you. And the Hunter Hayes as noted above. Aside from that you are perhaps looking at an Ultra series strat
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    My #1 is a Cutlass and I wouldn't describe the neck as a V at all. A fairly hefty C, it seems like. Best neck I ever played -- but that's me, and your hands may feel differently. Mine's from a couple of years ago, poly finished maple neck, before the change to roasted maple / gun oil.

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    Wow, interesting! Thanks for all you Cutlass owners replying, it sounds like I should try to get my hands on one as well as an Albert Lee. The Hunter Hayes Cutlass has definitely caught my eye before.
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    Same here - dual Cutlass owner. I do not at all notice any V. You should try one!

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    I don’t know about the neck but from wood point of view the closest match would be an axis sport SSS. Such a fantastic guitar
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    I had no idea the Axis Sport SSS even existed! I'll keep an eye out for one.

    I did see the other day that G&L makes a neck shape that has similar measurements so I may jump on one of those.
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