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Thread: Wiring diagram mm jp6

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    Wiring diagram mm jp6

    Good morning all. sorry for bad language i am not english.
    I will replace the current electronic mal jp6 2008 on seymour bmp1.
    how to make the connections on 3 way switch?
    I put a photo of the bmp1 diagram, a photo of the current diagram and the diagram after.
    Thank you very much.
    Wiring diagram mm jp6-41882af4-b2f7-4357-b60e-0b55352550c9-jpeg
    Wiring diagram mm jp6-f80ada3a-eb9e-4bd7-959e-0aa793fcbfd3-jpgWiring diagram mm jp6-f5e7240b-e007-426e-9513-f0dd95a5c852-jpg

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    In the JP6, the middle position selects 1 coil from each pickup (why it has such a complicated switch). However in the diagram you're showing, a standard 3-way switch is used to control the pickup switching.

    I'm not familiar with the BMP-1 wiring, but do you want to change the middle position wiring of the JP6?

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    Thank you ,
    I don't know how to wire my 3 way switch

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    I think you would be best to find a local tech to help you with the wiring.

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    I took a basic seymour diagram, the black pickup wires are connected to the switch, dimarzio is red. I am receiving bmp1 this week.

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