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Thread: Loose input jack - how to fix?

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    Loose input jack - how to fix?

    Loose input jack on my 5-month old Cutlass HSS. Took the two screws out of the plate but the jack only comes out an 1/8 or so. Not much room to work with. How do I tighten this up?

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    Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener |

    You won't even have to undo the jackplate.
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    Thanks for the suggestion - I ordered one as I was having the same issue with my Cutlass. Unfortunately it doesn't work because the Cutlass has a round, knurled jack input rather than a nut (as does the Luke 3), so the Bullet can't grip it. It would work fine on a Luke 2 or a Petrucci though.

    The pic on the left shows just how fiddly it is to tighten the nut - that's as far as it comes out!

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