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Thread: Sharp saddle screws on brand new Cutlass

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    Question Sharp saddle screws on brand new Cutlass

    I just got my brand new Cutlass. I love it except for one small problem. The screws on the saddles for the A, D, and G strings stick up pretty high, and the threads on the sides of them are pretty sharp and they're constantly scratching the side of my hand.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Any easy solutions?
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    I’ve noticed that on my son’s Cutlass. He seems unbothered by it, so I haven’t looked into a solution. My Cutlass does not have these screws protruding from the top of the saddle.

    Definitely give customer service a call if it’s bothersome to you.

    Also, I have to tell you that your Cutlass doesn’t exist without pictures!
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    I noticed this on the Valentine models as well. After lowering the saddles a bit on my Valentine the saddle screws became a quite annoying just like you stated. I learned to live with it but always wondered if there were shorter saddle screws available from either EBMM customer service or another aftermarket company.
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    I had the same problem, I bought shorter M3 Hex Socket Set Grub Screws. Put the shorter ones in the outes saddles, which will be set lower, and move the others to the center. I usually use 8mm and, in extreme cases, 6mm. Here are some:


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    Definitely shorter grub screws if the ends bother you. I know some people who don't even notice them, and others who are bothered by them. I don't really rest my hand on the bridge much, so they don't really affect me.
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