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Thread: Axis Floyd very stiff

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    Axis Floyd very stiff

    Hello all - I have a 2017 Axis purchased new in 2017 (10 year anniversary gift from my awesome wife - I picked the guitar).

    My only frustration is the difficulty doing dives. It has 2 springs at the 1 and 4 positions. The go straight across instead of angled to the 2 and 3.

    I tried backing out the trem screws but then the string tension just pulled the Floyd away from the body.

    Even when I do bends it will occasionally lift the tail of the body but Iím not doing anything more than 2 steps.

    Action is great, nice and low with no buzzing.

    Foe comparison I have a 2009 Carvin with an original Floyd, a 1995 N4 with a schaler Floyd, and a 5150 replica built by a friend with an original Floyd (dive only of course).

    The pressure required to dive the Floyd is orders of magnitude greater.

    Should I angle the springs? It seems to me that just adds more tension to pull it towards the body.

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    You've got to find the right mixture of spring/s and trem screws. Trial and error should get your there.

    You could try the angling of the springs, that may get you extra tension without having to put three springs in.

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    Back out the claw a little. It will lighten the tension. No more than a quarter turn per screw at a time then re tune. Adjust until it feels right where you like it.
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    When I did this previously the string tension pulled the Floyd away from the body, significantly detuning the instrument. Tuning back to 440 only pulled the Floyd further from the body. I'll try angling the springs in which would make it even more difficult to dive, then back out and see if that combo finds a sweet spot. It is baffling.

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    it's a very delicate balance. I struggled even more with my Luke 1 Floyd bridge because of course it is floating, due to the cavity, whereas on the Axis the bridge is basically decked against the body. Initially on the Luke 1 the bridge was too stiff, like you experienced. what I did was kept loosening the trem claw a little at a time, and each time I would completely slacken off the strings, then re-tune. After some gruelling adjustments, I eventually found the correct balance. Ever since then, for years now it's been just about right.
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    Some springs seem to be "stiffer" than others. Also having more springs with less stretch can feel a lot different.
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    Definitely. I decked my LIII a little while a go and went through the same dance of springs vs. claw adjustment until it felt right. I usually adjust the tension until I can do a decent bend on the G string and there's no movement.

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    What gauge strings are you using? The thicker your gauge is, the more spring resistance you need to oppose it to keep the bridge decked.

    I run 9-40’s and use 2 springs angled into the 2/3 positions on the claw and end positions of the brass block. Bending up about a full step at 12th fret before the bridge leaves the deck.

    Check out Stringjoy’s Broadway line of strings. They are pure nickel and sound amazing with the Axis pups.


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