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Thread: Seymour Duncan Liberator on JP6

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    Seymour Duncan Liberator on JP6

    I'm looking at wiring diagrams and am unsure of myself at this point.
    I have a set of Suhr Doug Aldrich humbuckers I would like to drop in my JP6.
    The "techs" that are available in my area are far and few.
    Not the kind of folks I would trust with my beloved JP6

    I like the feel of the MM volume pot over the Liberator, so I wanted to swap the tone pot with it instead.

    I've checked the SD site for Liberator wiring diagrams, and this is possible, but MM electronics are a new thing for me.

    Any help from someone who's done this would be greatly appreciated.

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    The electronics on the JP6 are not exactly simple, especially if you have a Piezo.
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    Yup, piezo equipped...I looked at the wiring schematic and am thinking, "Maybe I'll just put it in another guitar with a more standard wiring layout."

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