Hello everyone!

I have my Majesty Monarchy 7 for less than month and one question still bothering me. Is it real to make the guitar stay in tune after a whammy bar pull up and a bend? I tried Big Bend Nut sauce (put a little in nut slots and on piezo) but it doesn't resolve the problem (maybe only improves tuning stability a little).

How I tune my guitar: I pick a string then I dive a whammy bar and release it back, then I check a note, tune it again and repeat actions again. Make this with all strings until they start get back to correct note. It helps with tune stability after a diving of whammy bar but doesn't help with pull up of the bar and bends. So after pull up or bend I have to do a dive to back my strings in right position.

Is it possible to keep guitar in tune without making a dive after each pull up and bend?