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Thread: Bareknuckle single coils in Luke 2, anyone?

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    Bareknuckle single coils in Luke 2, anyone?

    Hey guys. Im considering putting some BKP single coils in my Luke 2 instead of EMGs. Anyone did this? They can make pickups without the flange but when i saw the measurements of the all the pickup brands i saw that the BKPs are 1 mm wider than SD EMG and Dimarzios.

    I would hate to route my L2 so im looking for experiences with BKPs in L2.


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    I don't have immediate plans to do this myself but would love to hear the outcome of this. Have you sent BKP an email to ask them? They may have dealt with this already.
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    I asked BKP and they said "it should fit" but im not in the mood to spend 200-300 euros to find out it cant fit...

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    Did you measure the pickup cavity itself? There definitely is some space around the EMG pickups.

    Is it just the base that is larger, or the entire pickup assembly? Seems weird that they would be larger than spec, as that would cause a lot of fitting issues.
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    Its not a big difference in measurements, its .8 to 1 mm...

    I've read somewhere on the forum that there was a sucessful swap to BKPs on the L2...

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