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Thread: Gutted today.

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    I'm sorry for you and hope you get the guitar back.
    From your pics, she´s a beauty - and yours!!
    Damn - stealing guitars is absolutely beyond imagination
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    Been there and know your pain. I'm still looking for my stolen silo 18 years later. I hope you find it again soon.

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    Man, sorry to hear that story. Hopefully the police can do something and get it returned to you. As always, check out nearby Pawn shops and internet. I had a very rare (not at the time) 1989 G&L Interceptor stolen. It had the old style hockey stick sort of headstock. HSS with 3 mini switches. Not many were made. What that would be worth now! It was a wonderfully well playing guitar. I really do hope you have that special instrument recovered. Best of luck to you.

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    Every one of us who it’s happened to feels your pain. My house was burgled and my Gibson Les Paul natural top was stolen. That was 1981, and it still pains me! Best wishes

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