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Thread: Questions about a JP12 acquisition

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    Questions about a JP12 acquisition

    First post, so be gentle. And thanks in advance for any help!

    Iím looking at a JP12-7 BFR. Iíve got a guitar for sale/trade and he offered this in trade. Seems legit. Has the BFR neck plate, and the SN (taken from a blurry vid of the case/candy) checks out as a JP12 but doesnít specify BFR. Also, from image searches, I canít seem to find a JP12 BFR that doesnít have the BFR inlay on the neck, yet this one does. Iím crazy, right? Itís fully legit?

    Second, has the piezo system changed over model updates? Are they all the same or is, say, they Majesty piezo a different iteration altogether?

    Thing is, Iím looking for a Majesty, but my particular guitar is particular enough that it may take a while to sell outright, which is what Iíd prefer. I donít want to disclose the make/model so as to make this a sale/trade feeler, but Iím wondering if a trade for a JP12 would allow me to sell that more easily to fund a majesty (I know, how convoluted). Heck, Iím sure Iíd love the JP12, but the end goal is a Majesty 7. Having said that, is $2k overpriced for the JP12? Because thatís what Iíve got my current guitar out there for, and Iím sure the market will tell me if Iím priced right, but Iíve been offered the JP12 in trade but Iím not sure where it should be when put up against my current guitar in trade.

    Thanks again for any help, itís really appreciated. Sorry for all the weird questions. Hopefully Iíll be joining the family by Christmas.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    If you're asking about the guitar you're looking at *not* having a BFR inlay at the 12th fret, if it was produced from some time in 2013 on, it will not have the inlay as that was phased out during that year. Only the early JP12s will actually have the BFR logo - but this one should have BFR stamped into the neck plate, as you noticed.

    My JP12 6 string was made in November 2013 and does not have the inlay.

    Good luck with your quest for a Majesty, if that is ultimately what you are after!

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    Thanks for the help & reassurance. After more consideration, I nixed the thought of the trade. My heart is set on a Majesty and getting a quality middle ground guitar will just make me wish I held out. So I did. My other guitar sold and I’m hopefully having a seemingly mint 2015 Majesty 7 on its way soon. Yay me.

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