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Thread: Sillouhette special wiring + pots

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    Lightbulb Sillouhette special wiring + pots


    I have purchased a 2006 HSS Silhouette Special with the neck pickup exchanged for SD Hot Rails.

    There is some noise when turning the volume knob, and also the stock 5-way switch is sometimes misbehaving. Also, I want to wire my guitar like Steve Morse Y2D.

    Would you please tell me which components (I want new pots and also the switch) should I buy? I am from Europe. Also, I am a bit concerned about the battery space, I don't have the battery there right now, but I don't know where would I wire it in relation to the Y2D schema that I found somewhere in the deep internet. I didn't disassemble the pickguard yet, because I have just exchanged the strings for new Elixirs and I want to throw them away in the least possible moment when my pots and switch arrive.

    Thank you!

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    Hi there- the scratchy pot can be fixed by spraying some contact cleaner (like DeoxIT) in there. Possibly the switch, too, depending on what the issue is.

    To do the Y2D wiring, you'll need a 5-way switch that has at least 2 sets of poles. You can source this from many places, including from MM directly (the MM one has 4 sets of poles).

    The Y2D doesn't have a Silent Circuit so no battery is needed. If you have a Silent Circuit you can use it to quiet down the single coil.
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    There ya go Though there may be an easier option in Europe.

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    It seems that it's totally inaccessible. The shop that you linked does not ship it outside of US, and I couldnt find anybody in Europe selling this part number.
    However I found this: Schaller Megaswitch Version M – Thomann esko , that should do the trick, right? It has two sides of 12 pins.

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    You should be able to buy MM parts via a dealer near you. Regardless, switches are a common item so I'm sure you can find what you need from any store or online shop.

    I'm not familiar with that Megaswitch- but they're generally set up for a preset switching order, so I don't think it's what you want.

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    I don't know where you live in Europe but in France you have to go through your local music shop to order the part.
    What I do before is contact MM customer service (the link is in Beej's signature) with my guitar's serial number and ask for the part number.

    I don't know if it's the same in your country but you can check directly with the local dealer:
    International Dealers | Ernie Ball

    Hope it helps,

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