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Thread: Sting Ray Guitar Weight?

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    Sting Ray Guitar Weight?

    Just got a Sting Ray and while I like it, the darn thing is HEAVY

    9 pounds 3 oz

    Nothing special about it. 2018 non RS with RW fretboard

    Just curious what everyone else's weigh in at

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    Man that is too heavy. If would not be too pleased if I had ordered one and that was the weight as I have a neck injury that makes anything over 8 pounds painful. It’s difficult enough at 8 pounds
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    Yeah, that’s heavy. Not sure what’s typical for the model, but you could browse some online sellers sites who list weights and see what they tend to run.
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    So the BFR StingRay from Dec 2019 was just shy of the 8 pound region, it was a little hefty and chunky for me, mostly the neck was too chungo for my tastes. I don't see StingRays being much more than 8 pounds though, and 9.3 pounds is entering StingRay Bass territory! :O

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    I have a 2017 and a 2018, both non-RS. One is about 7-3/4 pounds, the other about 8-1/2 pounds.

    Most of the RS versions are under eight pounds.

    OP's sounds unusually heavy.

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