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Thread: Identify Pick-ups in JP6 2013 vintage

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    Identify Pick-ups in JP6 2013 vintage

    I have a JP6 and I am trying to understand which pick-ups I have it. I know from the data below in the database that the guitar was built in 2013.

    My bridge pick-up has a chrome bar on it facing the neck.

    I am trying to understand if my pick-ups are crunchlab (bridge)/liquifire (neck) or D sonic (bridge)/liquifire (neck).

    The reason I ask is that I don't like the neck pick-up as it has no character at all.

    Serial # XXXXX
    Manufactured March 12th, 2013
    Build Code 961-05-20-00-CS-CR
    Model Petrucci Piezo
    Color Sapphire Black
    Neck Maple Neck Rosewood Fretboard
    Pickguard No Pickguard
    Hardware Chrome Hardware

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    That year would have come with Crunchlab/Liquifire pickups.

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    I really do not like the neck pickup (Liquifire) at all. It really does not have the definition I am looking for when using it for soloing and dialing back the volume knob. I have heard that the EVO2 and PAF Joe are good alternatives. And I am looking for some recommendations. I am playing through a Mesa Boogie Mark V.

    Thanks agin.

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    I just got a mahogany JP15 w/ Illuminators and I like the neck p'up very much, have you tried it?

    I agree that the Liquifire is bland if considered out of context, but it pairs really well with the Crunch Lab.

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