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Thread: EBMM JP Majesty Intonation Screws

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    EBMM JP Majesty Intonation Screws


    Can anyone tell me the size of, or where I can acquire, some replacement intonation screws for my EBMM JP Majesty?

    The guitar is recently new to me and I've just discovered that the prior owner(s) stripped out two of the piezo saddle intonation screws, meaning and allen wrench will no longer turn them and I can no longer properly intonate the guitar. This is a real problem!

    I'm referring to the screws, horizontal, one-per-saddle, that are normally turned with a 1.5 mm allen wrench. (Pic attached.)

    Presumably I could use needle-nose pliers or some other tool to get the old, stripped screws out, after which I need to put in replacements. The replacement screws are what I need - info on their size, brand, equivalence, what I can use and how/where I can acquire them!

    I don't need new saddles, the piezos are fine. I just need 2 screws!

    I have contacted EBMM support via their web form. Hopefully they will get back to me, but they haven't yet.

    Can anyone here guide me? Thanks!
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    Hey SJ1,

    I would contact EBMM Customer Support for official parts etc.. w/ the serial they should be able to send/sell you exactly what you need.

    Good luck!

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