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Thread: Majesty truss rod adjustment

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    Majesty truss rod adjustment

    With the guitar on your lap in a sitting playing position, (right handed guitar player), which way do I turn the truss rod to decrease the neck relief. With the truss rod adjustment tool in place and sticking straight up from the body, which way should the tool move. Top of tool toward the lower horn or top of tool toward upper horn?

    My Guess would be toward lower horn but I've only adjusted truss rods with headstock access
    in the past.

    If it makes any difference, my Majesty is the new Sterling Majesty X 2020.

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    Tightening is towards the lower horn.

    So you're looking from the last fret towards the neck- righty tighty, lefty loosey.

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    Thanks... I'm Loving this new axe.

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    I seem to have got my Sterling Maj200xfm bridge dialed in pretty good.
    I came to me brand new with ridicules high action. I lowered the bridge to just a hair above the surface of the guitar body and made sure that both the bass and treble sides were even.
    Next I adjusted the saddle screws on all six strings to try to mimic the fretboard radius. I lowered those saddles to a point where the strings had just a touch of acoustical fret buzz and then raised each saddle a hair till fret buzz was gone.
    I then tightened the truss rod about an 1/8 turn to flatten the neck. This brought some fret buzz into the equation so I raised each saddle slightly (but equally). This solved the buzz but the neck still had a bit too much relief for my liking so I tightened the truss rod an additional 1/8 turn (maybe a hair more than an 1/8). This flattened the neck perfectly and all I had to do was raise each saddle just a bit and BAMM!!!
    Super low , super fast, no buzz.
    I checked and adjusted intonation as necessary. I am so happy with my 2020 Sterling by Music Man Majesty. Forgot to say that several times along the way I had to balance the bridge to level using the spring claw screws. I'm using 2 springs and 9-42 gauge Extra Slinky strings.
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