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Thread: Roasted Neck "Touch Up"?

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    Roasted Neck "Touch Up"?

    Just picked up an EBMM 2nd hand with a roasted neck.

    It's darker then when new since it's been played for some 6 years and you can see the original roast tone in the neck pocket, but it looks like there is a scratch in the neck, that is described as "not deep", but you can clearly see the difference in color.

    Can the back of the neck be sanded down to remove the defect and then just re-oiled and waxed or is there a better way to address it?


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    If you sand down the neck, you will change the profile. People seem way to willing to sand away.

    If it is an oiled neck, first thing to do would be to get a clothes Iron, a damp sock, and see if you can steam out the scratch/dent. I usually use a sock with distilled water. This will usually mess up the oil and wax finish a bit, but if you're going to redo it, that doesn't matter.
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    Is it a problem for you when you play ?
    If it is just an aesthetic problem, do not try to remove it, there is a risk that you mess the profile of your neck

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    I have tried both ways to remove scratched before; steam and sanding - always using the thinnest of grits, 800, 1000 and then 0000 steel wool. That thin of a grit won't change a neck's profile at all if you do it if done right - but it might not also help if the scratch is deep.

    You can try steaming first, since you wouldn't be removing - just be careful not to over do it - or leave moisture within the crack, that would be a killer.

    If the scratch is SUPER shallow and you, say, sand it just a touch like shown in the EBMM "How to clean a JP5 neck" - make sure you follow the cleaning steps for oil-soap and gunstock wax. That way the neck will be clean and smooth with no debris within the scratch.

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    Thanks everyone!

    More an aesthetic kind of thing - I'll know more once I get my hands on it.

    I'll update this post once I get a better look at things.


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    Steaming works for dents, i.e. compression of the wood. If it's a scratch, I would not steam.

    And yes, you can sand anytime you like with 600 to 1200 grit and then a quick oil and wax (just a little on a cloth, wipe on and wipe straight off, no drying required). Many of us here do it once or twice a year, some never feel the need. Some prefer just oil, some just wax, some both. It's all good. Personally, I avoid steel wool 'cause it's messy and sheds little tiny metal particles that could mess up pickups and electronics.

    Looking forward to photos!
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