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Thread: Torn between JP models

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    Haha, nah, I live in Europe and wait time was projected to be 4-6 months. Due to Covid and consequently reduced production capacities at EBMM my order is just super delayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinesInTheSand View Post
    Another question- so the JP13 and up have the active pre-amp, which requires a battery. I take it that the battery only drains while the guitar is plugged in? Or does it have an on/off switch of sorts?
    Correct. Once you plug in, the battery's drained.

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    I own a 2005 JP6 and one of the early JPXIs. The main differences, as I see it, are the SS frets and finished neck. The JP13 you're looking at has the finished neck as well. It's not a big deal, EBMM knows how to make a slick, fast playing neck, but that gun-oil, bare neck on the JP6 is wonderful. I do, almost exclusively, play the JPXI, mainly because of the frets, the ebony fretboard and simply because the old JP6 has a small defect in one of the piezo transducers.

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with either, especially since it sounds like you'll be buying new. The old JPs are great guitars, but stainless steel frets really elevates the guitar - so smooth!

    (FYI, I was in exactly your situation - dreamed of a JP since high school when I first saw Live Scenes from New York. Found the 2005 JP at a ridiculous price a few years ago and sold my old Parker Fly to finance the JPXI. Probably never going to play another guitar again.)

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