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Thread: NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Days! NYNGD #2020-6

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    Exclamation NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Days! NYNGD #2020-6

    Welcome to Day 6 of my annual New Year's New Guitar Days (NYNGD)!

    Thanks for the kind words and comments on yesterday's NYNGD #2020-5!

    OK, let's have some fun. Today's guitar is the brainchild of fellow Knucklehead Tollie. I bought it from Bryan when he listed it for sale earlier this year.

    It's an Albert Lee BFR with an amazing Pinkburst Quilt finish. But Tollie took it up about 16 notches when he removed the white pearliod SSS pickguard and replaced it with a clear pickguard to show off the amazing top. But he didn't stop there -- he also routed the bridge position to add a humbucker and convert to a HSS format. But he didn't stop there -- then he replaced the neck single coil with a Sustainiac pickup. The Sustainiac then required a switch to activate the sustainer and switch modes, so Tollie added a second 5-way blade switch -- position 4 turns on the sustainer and position 2 switches it to harmonic/feedback mode. Of course, if you're crazy enough to do all this, you should probably pick some wacky pickup colors, too.

    What's interesting about this guitar is that the clear pickguard exposes all the guts -- wires, Sustainiac circuit board, knobs, switches, routes... they're all on display. I considered (but as usual didn't have time to do it) taking a high-res photo of the left side of the top, flipping that, and printing a high-res color print on glossy photo stock and then gluing that on the underside of the pickguard. I think it would transform the guitar and give it a rear-loaded look (without the big electronics cavity on view). What do you think? Should I try it? Should I switch pickup colors while I'm at it (remembering that the Sustainiac is only offered in white and black)? I am up for suggestions here -- in the comments below!

    This guitar is interesting because sonically it's a little bit dark. I wonder if a capacitor and/or tone knob would brighten it up a little. Also up for thoughts on this, too. It's not BAD, but a little bassier than I would like.

    Anyway, there's a fun and gorgeous guitar for your viewing pleasure!

    I'll be back tomorrow-ish with another NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Day! Thanks for looking everyone!

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    (The back story in case you're new to my NYNGD: For the past couple of years I've done a fun thing that most of you I think enjoyed, and I thought I would do it again this year. Every year, I am a slacker about keeping my Guitar Gallery up to date... So, as a fun holiday thing, let's launch a guitar in the Guitar Gallery each day leading up to New Years Eve! In the past I've received PM's about my collection and whether I play all of these guitars. The same question came up during my NYNGD posts a few years ago and my answer was pretty detailed and well thought-out, so please check it out here!)

    (Also, in case anybody gets any funny ideas -- these guitars are not at my house. They are all in my very secure and alarmed studio facility. I usually only have two guitars floating around the house...)

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    Wow, always thought that was funky Jeff. Very sick neck on that.

    Congrats, Glenn |B)
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    Nice, shocked Bryan sold that he was real proud of the retrofit, pretty sure that was originally mine at one point.

    Congrats on snagging something very unique!

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    Personally, not my cup of tea, but since you asked for opinions (you know what they say about opinions *rolleyes*), Iíd put the pearloid pickguard back and get rid of the extra 5-way and put another switch for the sustainiac in the location that works best for you. Iíd probably go with black pups, but I donít like funky pup covers. For me, that guitar looks too good to open up the guts for all to see, IMHO. If it was a Frankenstein guitar, then I get it. But, itís yours, so do you.
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    I like it just the way it is. Nice!

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    I like it as it is now but I would try the photo thing in any case congrats
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    I think that's hot! Reminds me of some ESP artists models with the clear pickguard. If it's too dark, you can always try swapping out pots and/or caps, and if that doesn't work, pickups.
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    If there's one person around here who should own Bryan's work of art it's you. I'd mess with pots, etc. to brighten it up. And I'd try the photo thing you mentioned. Sounds like fun. Congrats!
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    That’s cool... I think either way it’s a beauty. Keep it unique or put it back to near stock... either way it’s a gorgeous top and neck.

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    About time you got an AL! Congrats!
    I've got pics saved of that gittar from some years ago.... Very cool & custom!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Love that one.

    I have an original pinkie that I absolutely love (no fancy top, mind you). Personally I'm a fan of a white/pearloid pickguard and black pickups, for contrast.

    If it's dark, you're stuck a bit playing with pot values and looking for brighter pickups. (Given that you have so many HHs, for something different, maybe brighter single coils and a less hot bridge pickup would fit the bill?)

    The high-res photo idea is pretty cool though- that would give it a really unique look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop View Post
    About time you got an AL! Congrats!
    About time I got an AL? I have three other AL's!

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    yeah, I remembered after I posted....sorry.
    I just really like to see at least one in your yearly countdown!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Tollie is the guy who would conceive, and follow through on, that mod! That is a beauty of a top and neck. I miss the pink bursts.
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    I kind of like it. My only change would have been to keep the colours of the pickups and switches consistent.

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