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Thread: Axis vs Axis Super Sport neck?

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    Axis vs Axis Super Sport neck?

    I currently own a BFR Axis (butterscotch 2018 model), but I think I want to ditch the Floyd Rose, so I'm interested in an Axis Super Sport. I don't know where I can play one, but I know I absolutely love the neck on my current Axis. Are the Super Sport necks identical in every way? Does the year make a difference also? Any input/advice is much appreciated, thanks! \m/
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    Same neck. My favorite.

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    I just updated my thread by clarifying that I actually have a BFR Axis (the Butterscotch 2018). Not sure if that makes any difference, but I want to be precise, since I'll most likely be buying a used Super Sport on Reverb without being able to try out the neck.

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    Same neck.
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    I donít recall the details on that BFR release, but if that neck is bound, it will likely feel a little chunkier than the standard Axis neck. (That was my experience with a bound Valentine BFR vs a standard production Valentine. Not a drastic difference, but the binding changed the feel of it some.)
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