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Thread: What a rollercoaster - I finally own a JP6

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    What a rollercoaster - I finally own a JP6

    Firstly guys, apologies for another thread by myself. I am just so happy at the minute.

    I finally just collected my first JP6. After a lot of thinking about which guitar I wanted or saving some pounds and buying a Sterling, I said to myself today "just go for it!" You only live once. I actually got emotional when i got back home with it as it's a guitar I've wanted for years, and my first ever top of the range guitar. I've owned around 20 guitars in total and none cost more than 700. When I finally got to hold this I was absolutely stunned. The way this guitar is made -wow! And to get a signed JP backplate made it even sweeter.

    I dont know if it's just me but I find that buying a new guitar is harder than buying a new car

    Thanks to all that offered advice and help with this. A few quick pics today and I'll get more up tommorow.

    Wow, it's been a busy day!
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    Congrats !!!

    You will love the JP6, I sold an LP Standard to get my first one and have never looked back !!! Everything about a JP6 is i think perfect !!! Roll off the volume and the cleans are stunning, add more volume and it roar's... Very Happy for you !!!!

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    That's a limited edition Radiance Red from '04! Very nice guitar, and congrats!!!
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    Congratulations, beautiful!!

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    SWEEEEEET! Enjoy!!
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    very nice guitar
    I really do remember well the feeling of owning a high end guitar for the first time. It was my Morse. I will never regret buying it, it gave me so much
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    Thanks guys. I couldn't stop playing it last night and the wife thinks it's beautiful too - which is always good to hear. I never felt one bit of buyers remorse even when buying and collecting it. I know it's hard to finally push the button but I did and I'm so glad.

    The neck feels absolutely gorgeous and you can definitely tell it's an amazing guitar. Best neck I've ever played to be honest and it is so light and comfortable.

    When I realised it was an 2004 model it took me back. I was going through a lot of personal issues and lost everything in 2004 including my home, kids, guitars and gear because of my ex messing around whilst I worked nights. Very tough times with depression aswell. Fast forward to now with a new loving wife and beautiful family - this guitar now holds a special place in my heart because it dates from a difficult period that I survived in the end.

    Now, how do I get away with buying a good quality Mesa amp to go with this.

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    Nice! Congrats - enjoy it! Looking forward to starting a post like this myself, (hopefully) soon!

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    Radiance Red, one of my faves! Congrats!
    That must have been a case queen; the gold lettering on the headstock used to fade quite easily.
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    Gorgeous guitar! Congratulations
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    Wow, happy for you mate. Quite a back story about it being a 2004 model too. I got my first EBMM in March last year - a 2008 JP6 in true gold, and it was pretty obvious straightaway that it was the best quality guitar I had ever played. And it’s true - it makes you a better player because you want to play more. My wife also thought it was pretty too, it’s great to get that approval:-)

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    Congrats! There's really nothing quite like when you get your first really nice guitar. I still have mine from 20ish years ago.

    I hope you enjoy that axe for years to come!

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    Thanks guys. Yes this was a case queen and the guy only played it at home and church. I paid 1200 for it and I have never been happier with a guitar purchase. There are 2 slight lacquer cracks near the heel but i think that's pretty common. The neck is perfectly fine and the Piezo sound beautiful. The Piezo is one of the main reasons I bought this as I wanted one.guitar instead of 8 including an acousti and classical. Now all I have is this beauty and a classical, so I've been busy selling!

    I'm going to get this in for a setup pretty soon when Covid restrictions are lifted as there is slight buzz on the 5th fret. The guy said the strings were 10s but I'm not sure, I prefer 9s.

    Oh, and the color is amazing. It is so perfect and makes it stand out. The paintjob application is fantastic too, but I wouldn't expect anything less from EB!!

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    Had a fee hours practice on it today, the more I play it the better it feels.

    I did crap myself whilst using the Piezo in the stereo input. I didnt realise I needed a stereo cable for that jack if I wanted the Piezo. Switched over to the mono and all good.

    Got to get used to it

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