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Thread: Newbie to MM guiters looking for recommendations

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    Newbie to MM guiters looking for recommendations


    I have played a good few MM guitars over the years and have always wanted one. Fortunately, I'm now in a position to get one. I already have a PRS SE 35th Anniversary and an Epiphone Les Paul (and a Martin D18 acoustic) and I'm looking to widen the range of tones and colours available. I did have a Fender Strat in the past but sold it on some years ago to finance a trip. I play mostly blues/rock style of music but occasionally experiment into various other styles and genres so I'm looking for a very versatile instrument.
    My playing ability is pretty average and intermediate but I can sometimes raise my game. I do gig - playing mostly covers.
    So, any advice, recommendations, chat would be most appreciated. I am lucky to have a budget of around £2,000 max but of course, know I don't always need to spend big to get greatness.

    I hope you are safe, well and loved.

    Many thanks


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    Hello and welcome

    You have so many options with Music Man, it is hard to tell what is best for you.
    Firstly, do you need a tremolo ? A Floyd Rose ?
    Do you prefer the sound of humbuckers or single coils ?
    Do you want 24 frets ?

    If you are looking for versatility, I suggest the Steve Morse model. Steve can play absolutely everything with his trusty #1.

    The best is to try, but it is not easy (here in France, it is very hard to find shops with MM stock, and with COVID, well it is worst !).

    Good luck

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    Salut Francoise,
    Je te reponds en quelque retard mais j'espere que vous voudrais bien m'excuser parce que mon francaise est deplorable! OK, enough of high school and my holiday French .
    There are so many MM models that I'm hoping that a few recommendations might help me reduce the numbers.
    I was thinking about an HSS set up and I agree that the Steve Morse looks very appealing (although complex in it's switching. Perhaps the newer Y2D might be a better option. A tremolo isn't a deal breaker either way.

    Thanks for getting back and be safe!


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    Love my Cutlass -- SSS but I assume the HSS is as good -- plays effortlessly & sounds great. But it's basically a Strat. If you want an improved version of the Strat, this is the best I've played. And it's a great stage guitar -- no hum, stays in tune amazingly well, and the simple controls are easy to manage.

    I also have a StingRay which is also a lovely guitar but it seems like you've got the dual-humbucker thing covered,

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    I would suggest the Luke HSS. Luke has done thousand's of records covering all kinds of genres, and his Guitar is just as versatile imho. Sadly they don't make the EMG equipped Luke 2 anymore. But the newer Luke 3 sounds really amazing too with the new EBMM Custom Pickups.
    The Luke 3 HSS Olive Gold is currently at the Top of my To-Buy List. Hoping to get one after all this Covid Madness is over, and we're somewhat back to normal.
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    My Cutlass is a dream. I highly recommend one of those especially if you have a couple of hum bucket equipped guitars.

    and yes, like Elvisdog said, it is ridiculously stable. Stays in tune and I bend every other note I play. Lol
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    Hi Derek

    From the budget of £2,000 I assume you are in the UK. Whilst MMs are not plentiful in stores in Britain, there are one or two dealers who have a decent selection. Once the current restrictions abate, it would be worth a trip to try out a few. I am far from an expert, but I have a single coil Cutlass which has effectively made my Strat redundant. Completely different, but my JP6 loaded with dimarzios is a joy. I bought both last year, both second hand but mint condition, and they were the right side of £2k. I honestly do not think you will look back once you get an EBMM! Cheers

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    Thanks for the replies! Yes, Covid had kinda put a spanner in the works with trying out guitars generally. Also, living in the beautiful but far away North of Scotland means that browsing is a trip to Glasgow of 5 hours. I'm leaning towards the Cutlass..probably on SSS. They're over budget new but might get a second hand if mint. Or perhaps there's something else I should consider??!!! ......

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    North of Scotland ? Such a nice place. I spent 3 wonderful weeks there, 30 years ago !

    The Silhouette can be an option. For instance :
    Music Man USA Silhouette Special SSS Trem SFG - Seafoam Green - Birdseye MN Limited Edition | ProMusicTools

    But now with Brexit you have to be careful if you buy in EU : you will have to pay taxes.
    It is perhaps easier to find a second hand Silo than a Cutlass.
    Thomann has a B-stock Cutlass :
    Music Man Cutlass SSS Trem ABC B-Stock – Thomann France

    Good luck !

    (your French is perfect !)

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