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Thread: What pickups came in the 2003 Axis?

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    Hey guys, I ended buying this guitar. I have a lot of pickups laying around, and figure, as long as this guitar's stock pickups are already gone, I might as well experiment. I have a Pariah Pasadena that looks identical in dimensions to a Tone Zone bridge pickup I also have. What other make and model pickups would be a direct drop in with the exact same size legs and require no filing/fitting?

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    Any Dimarzios, with the triangular legs, would be easy.

    As per the recent EVH thread, you could try the Air Norton / AT-1 and see what you think. (I threw those in a buddy's Axis a while back and they sound amazing.)

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    I rarely use the neck pup, but I've been happy with the Air Norton in my other Axis neck position. I would like to try a SD JB or 59, but don't want to deal with the leg shape or height.

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