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Thread: Guitar Fetish Pickups

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    Guitar Fetish Pickups

    Anybody have experience with GF Pickups?
    Is this an example of "you get what you pay for?"

    I have listened to the audio samples online, but those can be so subjective/based on guitar and all the gear between the pickup and my ear.

    Looking specifically at:
    KP - Hot Liverpool Overwound Alnico Humbucker, Chrome - Kwikplug™ Ready
    KP - Nashville Minitron Humbucker Vintage Wound P90 - Soapbar - Kwikplug™ Ready
    KP - Liverpool Minitron Humbucker Vintage Wound P90- Soapbar mount - Kwikplug™ Ready
    EBMM 1998 Axis Sport MM90
    EBMM 1997 Axis Sport SSH

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    I have experience with a few of their pickups: humbucker, P90 and Strat.

    While they are not the giant killers they're claimed to be on the site, they are worth the price and compete well with pickups costing 2x more.

    Don't tell people what they are and nobody listening to you would guess how much you paid.

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    I agree with hbucker. I loaded a 'bucker sized p90 and funny humbucker (don't recall which one...) in a Sterling Albert Lee, and was surprised at how good they sounded!

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    I bought a loaded Strat style pick guard from them several years back. The pickups sounds great to me and I’ve still got them in that guitar.

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