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Thread: Sterling Majesty 7 price

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    Sterling Majesty 7 price

    Hi Team, after I bought a 6 strings Musicman majesty I'd wish to have 7 strings one, but for sure I can't afford it.
    What do you think about the price of a used sterling majesty like this

    The seller already told me if the auction will fail he will be able to make some discounts.
    Of course, is NZ money. Consider that

    Do you think is a good deal?
    Or should I just aim for a different (cheaper) one with better pick-ups like Jackson or Ibanez?


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    Pulling the trigger on a used guitar is always tuff because you might inherit someone else's problems. OTOH, I've always felt that If you think it's a good deal for "you", then it is. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks "in my opinion" because they won't be playing it, you will. Good luck with your purchase!

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