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Thread: Y cabling a JPMM to a Focusrite Solo

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    Question Y cabling a JPMM to a Focusrite Solo

    I'm sure everybody and their mother have already asked this specific question but I haven't been able to find a clear answer while sifting through the web. So , what exactly happens when I plug a JPMM to a single input with a Y cable.

    Does the piezo suck?
    Can I not blend them?
    Should I just go with a single cable into stereo?
    Is there any combination I am missing that would work the best?
    Should I get a Scarlett with 2 inputs instead? How the hell does that even work in DAWs?

    There are no music man sellers let alone players in my town so I'm very confused before I actually purchase one.

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    Sure, you can blend them, but into a DAW for recording, you'd ideally want separate channels for piezo and mags so you can treat them differently (amp sim/effects/EQ/etc).

    If you have a TRS cable that splits into a TS and a RS (typically called an "insert cable"), you'd plug two inputs into the Solo (mags on one, piezo on the other). If you don't have a cable like that, two cables is fine, too.

    The Solo has two inputs, it's just that only one has a preamp. This may or may not sound good, depending on what you're planning to do in your DAW.

    Since you don't have an amp in the equation, I presume you're using some kind of amp sim plug-in for the mags?

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    Yes I do use amplitube 4 or whatever I can get my hands on. However the solo has 1 input jack and one for microphone, so I am assuming I have to find a TRS to microphone cable to use both channels or get a splitter as you suggested. I usually don't record in DAW but use it for playing because of the portability of the whole system.

    Thanks for the answer, I can just get both of the options and try them out without having to change my sound card.

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    Right- it's a TRS not a combo jack. Yeah, I'd play with it and see if you like the sound. If so, perhaps look to get a different interface with more inputs (of which there are plenty).

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