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Thread: New Majesty owner! I have a few Questions...

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    New Majesty owner! I have a few Questions...

    Hello new member and new owner of a MM Majesty. Actually this is my first MM guitar.

    I received my Majesty today and i am blown away on how comfortable it is to play and how awesome it sounds. I own a variety of other USA made guitars ( Gibson, SUHR, Fender, Jackson ) and i will say, This Majesty is on another level when it comes to comfort and how unique it sounds.

    Anyways. I was curious how many trem springs do you Majesty owners use on the trem? Not sure if 2 or 3 come pre-installed but i did notice it came with 2 extra springs in the case. I usually will put 5 springs in my trem guitars for a tight/stiff trem bar (since i hardly use it) but something tells me these guitars are a bit different? Just curious?

    Also are there any Mods/Upgrades/etc that you guys recommend for the Majesty? I LOVE the way it is now, Might have a tech raise the action just a hair but other that that, I dont think much can be done since the guitar is already fully loaded with all the goodies but figure it wouldnt hurt to ask.


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    It comes with 3 springs, but feel free to go with as many as you like. No right or wrong course of action here =)

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    The Majesty comes with 3 springs installed because they are set up and shipped with 10's(10-46). If you play 9's(9-42) then remove one spring. This is the best for keeping the bridge balanced and floating. As you like the bridge to feel tighter, add springs and adjust the claw to compensate until you achieve your desired feel. As Johnnyboogie says, there is no right or wrong. All down to preference.

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    my Majesty is from very early in the first production run. It came set up w/ 9's and 2 springs, but I learned that shortly after that they changed to 10's & 3 springs. They changed the setup because that's what JP changed to...
    But this is your guitar, so set it up to your liking...
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    Congrats on that great guitar! The topic springs is quite complicated. You seem to be looking for a high tension setup which is what I prefer, too. Of course the system has to be in balance but that goes without saying. A spring does need a certain force to get streched. The force required is depending on the elongation of the spring in the balanced system. The longer the spring is streched the more force you need to strech it wider. On the other hand it requires more force to strech more springs even if they are not streched very far. The only solution I came up with was to try everything and test for stiffness. On my majesty guitars and Jp models the best result with 10s is 3 standard springs. The construction of the spring and the material is important, too. Have fun. Reagards, J
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