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Thread: Does anyone block there Trem? Pros/Cons?

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    Does anyone block there Trem? Pros/Cons?

    So i am not much of a trem user. I might use the bar a few times here and there but not all that much. I own mainly all hardtails. I was thinking about having the trem blocked on my new Majesty. I was curious to hear from those who have blocked there trems what your thought are?

    Any Pros/Cons to it?
    Did you have better tuning stability?
    What method did you use? Tremol-no, Wood Block, Other?
    Did you fully block it up and down or just half?
    Notice any change in sound/sustain?

    Thanks Guys!!!

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    I pretty much set my trems to down only. I don't pull up much, and I like the added tuning stability when I bend notes, for detuning, etc.

    I tried the Tremol-no but didn't love it. It's not too bad to set up, however for regular use I found it too easy to lose the little thumbscrews on the back of the device, especially during a gig. (Plus it rattles a bit.)

    Where I can I deck the trem (rest it against the body) I'll do that, or use a piece of wood on the inside of the trem cavity to act as a barrier.

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    When you did block the trem, Did the guitar sound or feel any different when playing? I dont think it would but figure i would ask.

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    I fully blocked the Trem on one of my JPs, one without the Piezo though. since i pretty much never use it on that Guitar.
    I used a piece of Flamed Maple i had left over, and made a nice fitting block behind and in front of the Tremblock.
    That Guitar is tuned to C Standard, i feel like the Mod increased the Sustain, i'm pretty sure it got more responsive or direct by Hard Blocking the Trem like that.
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    Had a Silo Spec with tremolo and I just laid it flat to the deck, no blocking. I did put on 5 springs to keep the bridge more rigid, but I’m sure 3 springs would have worked just as well.

    I didn’t take notice of any sonic differences with Music Man bridges. That other California company with vintage tremolos, I needed to deck and wood block the bridge so the strings would stay truer to pitch when bending or doing double stops.
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