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Thread: Second Music Man Finish Crack Disappointment ):

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    I've never had this happen to me - on a MM or other brand - but I've owned some that came to me that way. I wouldn't say it's common, as over the past 30 years I've owned more guitars than I care to remember and I'd say less than 10% of them had neck pocket cracks.

    I'd say to anyone that doesn't have them (and doesn't want them), adjust the neck screws a few times a year. During a string change, back out the screws a little and then tighten them back up just enough for stability (don't go gorilla grip on them). It may not prevent cracks completely but it should relieve some tension during the expansion and shrinking phases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simbah2019 View Post
    The guitar was kept in the case at 74 F while not playing. Never left my house after I bought it. I still donít understand because Iíve always handled my instruments with the utmost care, from storing to picking it up etc etc... It just happened.
    At 74 F, the humidity in your house may be 20% at points in the wintertime and 80% in the summer. Thatís a huge difference and itís what matters. The actual amount of fluctuation will depend on where you live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietSpike View Post
    I do some neck bends (no trem on Val), and I blame that. ��
    Those can do it sometimes. I have a friend who liked doing those with an SG with the short neck joint... until the joint broke.
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