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Thread: 1997 Axis Sport Stock Pickups

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    1997 Axis Sport Stock Pickups

    I am (FINALLY!) starting a mod of my HSS Axis Sport, and I'm trying to identify the stock pickups (pictured below).
    The humbucker is stamped (faintly) "Dimarzio Pickups USA B1." Any insights greatly appreciated.
    **Also, the pickguard and pups are for sale is anyone is interested!**
    1997 Axis Sport Stock Pickups-axis2-jpg
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    EBMM 1997 Axis Sport SSH

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    The bridge pickup is the same one found on the EVH, Axis, Al HH, etc. You can't buy it except from MM ... so you might consider holding on to it

    The singles are custom wound Dimarzios - again, not available direct. They're well reviewed.

    Personally I'd hold on to them. Stick 'em in a drawer somewhere - you may want them down the line but won't be able to find them.

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    Yep, hang on to the pups. I just posted a SbMM AX30D on Reverb and was immediately offered $400 for the pups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdoublecut View Post
    Yep, hang on to the pups. I just posted a SbMM AX30D on Reverb and was immediately offered $400 for the pups.
    I have such red Axis Sport as well, except I git mine without the original Pickups and Silent Circuit.
    I once was lucky enough to get an original bridge pickup on ebay.
    For the singles I put in a Pro Track on neck position, and a Injector neck for the middle.

    Keep at last that bridge pickup, it is maybe one of the best, if not THE best medium to higher output bridge humbuckers on the market.
    The singles are often to be said not to keep up output wise, but sound great for themselves nevertheless.
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