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Thread: String change on Steve Morse (question)

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    String change on Steve Morse (question)

    I have the non-whammy original Steve Morse model......has anyone ever tried wrapping the strings around the bridge like a lot of folks do on les Paulís and SGís? Would the combo of that and the compensated nut would mess up the intonation?

    Curious if anyone has tried this or has any thoughts on it. Thanks!

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    The reason for doing this on Les Pauls were as follows:

    The break angle that the string makes on the actual tune-o-matic component is quite acute. As a result, this results in more string breakage. When you thread the string over the stopbar, you solve this problem by increasing the angle of the string over the tune-o-matic bit. Additionally, this also results according to many in lower string tension (Apologies if this isn't the correct physics term), which is why Bonamassa, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, etc., did this.

    The problem of the string having a small break angle doesn't exist on the music-man. The tune-o-matic part is sunk slightly into the body and doesn't stick up the way it does on Gibsons. As a result, I don't think there's any need to do this. Additionally, another bit that you have to consider is that the stopbar on the Gibson's is kind of rounded so the string does actually have a fairly smooth surface to sit on. With the square-ish stopbar on the Morse, I doubt you'd get strings to sit perfectly if you followed the Gibbons or Bonsamassa method of stringing.

    Edit: I realised I didn't answer your question! Lol. No, it would not screw up the intonation. That's because the two points where the string makes contact with won't change.
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    Thought I'll post some photos for reference:

    String change on Steve Morse (question)-whatsapp-image-2021-02-22-10-19-29-jpeg

    String change on Steve Morse (question)-56_side-jpg

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    The break angle on the Morse is quite large, aka closer to straight. Top wrapping would most likely give insufficient pressure on the bridge, especially on the outer strings.
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    Thanks so much everyone! This was definitely helpful - glad to have a bunch of knowledgeable guitar folks on here to put up with my dumb questions........thanks again!

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