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Thread: Axis MM90 with Piezo issues.

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    Axis MM90 with Piezo issues.

    I havenít heard back from Music Man Support yet, so I thought I would try here to see any suggestions. Maybe some of you have had these issues and could help me. I have a 2002 Axis Super Sport MM90 Hardtail with Piezo. It has a couple issues. The three-way switch that selects the Guitar/Piezo function is faulty. It will not stay in the up or down position. It only stays in the middle. Also The MM90ís sound fine, but the Piezo makes no sound. Since the switch is stuck in the middle position you get the guitar signal with no issues. But you would think the Piezo would work too but it does not. So that maybe tells me the faulty switch is not the Piezo problem.

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    Hard to say. If the switch is faulty, it may not be making proper contact with the other set of lugs.

    I'd start with replacing the switch. You can buy it from MM. Go from there.

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    I just jumped the outer two lugs of the switch and got a weak, but some reaction from the Piezo. I guess I will try a new switch first.

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