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Thread: NGD: Starry Night LIII

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    NGD: Starry Night LIII

    It's been a sparkly day for this guy.

    I've been looking for a HSS LIII with larger frets, or a beater that I could have re-fretted. But thanks to Glenn's scouring of Reverb (thank you Glenn!!), I happened to see a one-off LIII that I had to have. It originally went to an artist, so it's a bit off the menu.

    It's a 2020 LIII with the Starry Night package. It has the sparkly finish (which is tough to do justice to- though I'll eventually take some better photos), larger SS frets, roasted neck, and ebony fretboard. However it has fret dots and, because it was produced last year, has the new MM pickups. Goes very nicely with my Buckeye Burl LIII HH

    And, of course, the pics ...

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    Now that is probably the best looking Luke III I’ve ever seen. Congrats
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    Congrats Beej!!!! Very nice!
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    That's a gorgeous piece Jay! Congrats!
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    BEEJ!!!!! Nice man, glad my posts helped you out!!!!! I can't afford, so I hope others find what they are looking for. I thought that was a stunner when I saw it.

    Glad to have helped buddy. Congrats!!!! Glenn |B)
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    Congrats! Best Finish Ever!
    ...although the new 'Snowy Night' looks pretty interesting...
    Balls are Best!!

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    Wow, nice!
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    Thanks guys! Really happy with this one.

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    Love it! Enjoy!

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    Oh beej! That looks stunning. Well done!

    We'll need a tone comparison of new pickups to older pickups!
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    Wow. That's stunning!
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    Yep, I'm jealous... I love LIII's but the frets have always been the only issue for me, plus I need that finish on something a LIII, and AL, a Cutlass, whatever! Did you get that via Reverb in Canada or shipped in from the US/UK etc? Inquiring minds need answers!!!

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    It was on Reverb in the US, so had 'er shipped up here.

    I hear you on the frets. Personally I prefer them a little larger than on the stock Luke.

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    Wow! Congrats!
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    Very nice!!!
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