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Thread: Sterling AX40 - There are two different pickup routes. Does this tell me anything?

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    Sterling AX40 - There are two different pickup routes. Does this tell me anything?

    I'm trading with a buddy for a Sterling AX40. I really like it, and I've been studying this guitar, as Axis's are out of my price range for the time being, but I'm not opposed to picking up another AX40. I've discovered that there are at least two different versions. One has a soft triangular or perhaps rounded route for the pickup mounts, and the other has a rectangular pickup route, like seen in this video. This seems like a fairly big distinction. Does anyone know what this means? Did they come out of different factories? Is one route style earlier than the other? Judging by pictures the rounded version seems much more common, but the rectangular route as seen in the video must be pretty early as the video is dated 2010. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    The rectangular pickup routes were from before they switched over to using the Dimarzio Axis pickups.

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    Thanks for the reply. It now makes sense that the pickups would be different but Dimarzio seems to contradict the idea that Sterling AX40's might have had Dimarzio's. See here:What DiMarzio pickups did Eddie Van Halen use? | DiMarzio

    The pickups in the AX40 I have here (rounded pickup bracket routes) sound amazing, and the earlier pickups in the video I linked sound pretty darn good too from what I can tell.

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    That page is out of date. The pickups are offered in a number of other MM guitars as well (and the Sterling).

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    O.k. Thanks. I might be acquiring an early AX40 with the rectangular route. Hope the pickups compare well to the later generation.

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