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Thread: EBMM Steve Morse Y2K changing pickup configuration?

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    Update: I bought the Y2D, and my local guitar tech set it up with push/pull on the tone control for splitting the humbuckers, and a push/pull on the volume control adding the neck pickup to whatever the 5-way switch shows. It works like a charm, so now I have 13 possible pickup combinations, which I guess is the same as my previous 4-pickup model had, but with a much cleaner/easier switching system :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by fbecir View Post
    Well done

    What's your opinion on the splitted Morse Humbuckers ?
    I think they sound very nice. Obviously there's a difference in volume when you change from full HB to SC, but when combined with one of the other pickups (which is mostly the way I like to use it anyway), it's not noticeable.

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    Nicely done.

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    cool thing! I´m thrilled whtyou´r doing witth the bridge (other thread)
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    That y2d looks great!!!

    On my standard Morse I took the slanted single coil out and the 2 way switch out. I put a five way super switch in and use the three way switch as a coil tap. The three way switch is set up that 1 posticino is normal humbuckers and in the middle the humbuckers are split and I the top position only the bridge is split. The five way is set up like the y2d . I’ve change the pickups a few times but put the originals back in. I might switch again . I have a pearly gates and a custom custom I kinda want to try in the guitar. I just haven’t got around to it.

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    Definitely complicated.

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