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Thread: Heavier gauge strings

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    Heavier gauge strings

    Just wondering if anyone has upped their string gauges to 12's with standard tuning. EBMM FAQ says the nut needs filing-I have 11's on my Albert Lee and St Vincent and I haven't noticed any problems. I used to play a Jazzmaster strung with 12's and I'm kinda missing the feel of those thicker strings. Just wondering what anyone else has done and what they've found.

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    On my SUB, I had to fill the nut in order to put some 10-52 strings (on the low E and A strings).
    Be careful, if the string cannot move in the slot, it will put some pressure on the nut and it can break.

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    The issue is the width of the nut slots. Either some heavier gauge strings won't fit at all or the will be too tight in the slot. You may hear lots of pinging noise while tuning and tuning stability will be a problem. Over the years some forum members have reported no problems with 11 gauge set, but some have needed nut work. I don't recall anyone going to 12 gauge set without needing nut work.

    That said it's an easy job for a competent tech with the right tools.
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