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Thread: And yet another NGD

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    And yet another NGD

    A little while back I posted about how my Cutlass became our first heirloom guitar when I gave it to my daughter. I had no idea how much I would miss it. You know how amputees describe phantom limb pain? I mean, it's still in the house, but a gift is a gift and as she put it "no backsies".

    The universe must have been watching out for me because this showed up yesterday afternoon. Turns out green is the kid's favorite color so now we each have one that reminds us of the other.
    <insert lame dad high five here>

    So how does new compare to old? They're pretty darn close. The new one is slightly fuller in the shoulders of the soft v by the nut. Output is also a tiny bit louder but that could just be the newer battery. Tone-wise I wouldn't be able to pick them a part in a blind test.

    My only complaint is the same for any EBMM I've ever played. Schaller tuners are not my friends. I keep hearing they've gotten better but I haven't tried a single set that weren't jerky, uneven, and with awful dead spots. These look to be a slightly newer model because the knurling on the thumbwheel isn't as pronounced and the sides are smoother. It actually makes them worse IMO because on top of the other issues it's now harder to grip the wheel to tighten.

    If anyone from customer support reads this, I have 5 EBMM's now. They're hands down the best guitars I've ever owned, literally heirloom quality, see above. Had to replace the tuners on all of them. Maybe when supply chain issues start settling down we could check out some Gotoh 510's.....

    And to prove it really exists. I'll post some better pics this weekend, the flame and finish are insane.

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    Sweet Cutlass. I have also changed all my Schallers for Gotoh 1:21 locking
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    We had a few minutes of decent weather today and was able to get these on my phone. I was never all that impressed with the Charging Green in the photos I saw but, wow, this looks great in person!

    And, you don't need to tell me. The garage needs to be repainted, it's on the list

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    Nice congrats!!!

    Glenn |B)
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    I think you're giving Henning some competition in the anti-Schaller club. I've used Schaller tuners for years and never gave much thought to the inconsistencies, probably because the Gotoh tuners I was using had some play in them too. It wasn't until I started using Hipshot tuners that I finally understood, now I put Hipshots on just about everything. I still think Schallers are very good tuners overall so I don't ding MM too much for using them.


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    It's a conundrum, for sure. I know plenty of people that have good experiences with them and even used them on my first partscaster years ago. I've played some of their recent bridges, too, and really liked them. The Signum is gorgeous.

    When it comes to tuners, though, I just keep drawing the short stick. I can understand one or two, but 5 in row is a bit much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loocnmad View Post
    I was never all that impressed with the Charging Green in the photos I saw but, wow, this looks great in person!

    ...and in your photos as well. I'm not a huge green guitar fan but that looks stunning in the sunlight, and that neck is disgustingly tasty! Works well with the sparkly green bit.

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