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Thread: Looking for input on a likely Sabre purchase

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    Looking for input on a likely Sabre purchase

    Iím close to pulling the trigger on another guitar and leaning towards a new Sabre. If anybody has one, or has any time playing them what are your thoughts on them with regards to jazz like cleans? Iím not anywhere near being good enough to play jazz myself, but wanted to get an idea across of the type of tones Iím seeking with this purchase.

    The BFRs with the rosewood necks get me kinda hot, but I could only find one video online with a BFR being demonstrated and the guy while a great player demonstrated it in such a way that I didnít hear anything like I would do with it. So now Iím wondering if the rosewood neck makes the sound harsh in comparison to a maple neck? That video scared me away to some extent, but thought before moving on Iíd ask those in the know. As I continue to ponder this decision though there are less and less choices out there to pick from. I was going to pick up a Blue Moonstone this weekend but it sold a couple of days ago. That would have been my first pick and Iíve been kicking myself for moving too slowly. Itís time to kick this thing in gear a bit.. was waiting till my wife could go with me.

    Thanks for any help..

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    Hi Wildhorse,

    Possibly this will help. NEW Musicman Sabres! | BFR - YouTube . The difference (back to back) Maple to rosewood is extremely subtle on these necks. There is a tactile difference but in terms of tone, you will be hard pressed to hear it. Both are exceptional.

    I can't say enough good things about these Sabres.

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