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Thread: JP6 pickup spacing - F, standard or both?

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    JP6 pickup spacing - F, standard or both?

    Hi all,
    Just acquired a 2010 JP6 which might require new pups. I know this question has been asked before, but I canít quite find a definite answer.
    Are the pickups F spaced, standard, or both? (Bridge - F, Neck - Standard)
    I think it may be both; I have measured the existing pups and this seems to be the case. The neck pup is narrower than the bridge by a couple of millimetres. Whatís confusing is that you can buy a set of replacements like this one here that seem to made for JP guitars, but the sets are made up of both F, or both Standard.
    DiMarzio LIQUIFIRE & CRUNCH LAB F-spaced Humbucker Guitar Pickup Set, BLACK DP227 & DP228: Musical Instruments

    Can anyone confirm? Many thanks.
    Majesty 6
    Parker Nitefly
    Ibanez UV777

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    The bridge is F spaced, the neck is not. CrunchLab - F-spaced, Liquifire - regular spaced pole pieces.

    Interestingly, the Sonic Ecstasy pickups only come in F-space for both bridge and neck position (likely so they can use one part for the crazy cover and fit neck/bridge)
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    Excellent. Thanks, Pete, for the confirmation.
    Majesty 6
    Parker Nitefly
    Ibanez UV777

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