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Thread: Majesty - Tuning Issues

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    Majesty - Tuning Issues

    I am having tuning issues with my new majesty. I have read various forum threads and tried the common fixes - nut sauce (nut only), new strings (well broken-in). The locking tuners are set up correctly with less than 1 wind. Everything is tight but still the thing goes out after a dive bomb or if I pull up on the trem. Tuning is fairly stable on wide bends.

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time tuning a guitar that is this expensive.

    I don’t go in for crazy trem action when I play, but regardless I can’t help but feel that the guitar should still be staying in-tune with some light trem play.

    Am I expecting too much from a floating trem that doesn’t have a locking nut?

    I am keen to hear from anyone else who has these issues and managed to correct them, or if my expectations are unrealistic.

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    You are not expecting to much. The Majesty should/does stay in tune, even after dive bombing. It sounds like there might be some issue. Maybe call Music Man to help figure out what is wrong.

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    As always, (because it's a regular refrain here) if there a problem that can be rectified under warranty, you should contact the store you bough form and EBMM customer service.

    Thought - what string gauge do you have on there? If you went quite heavy for a drop tuning, the string slots on the nut might need some work to be widened. If you don't tuning stability will be affected.
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    My Sterling Majesty stays pretty well in tune no matter how hard I abuse that whammy bar. I’d expect no less out of a EBMM Majesty. Yours is probably a setup issue, Maybe the nut is not cut right.

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    Have you checked if the bridge is level with the body?
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