Hey guys, new here. Just had a couple quick questions about my 2014 JP7 BFR model, absolutely brilliant guitar but I had a few questions about it. Recently I was making the switch to some slightly thicker strings to go down to drop G# but the low .70 gauge would not fit through the locking tuner, after filing the tuner down with the thick end of the string (stupid, i know) a tad I noticed the little ball that holds the string in place was stuck in the locked position. After taking the tuner off the guitar I couldn't find out what was causing this, even after browsing some threads on here and other forums I couldn't find the answer I was after. So anyways I need to know -

What could be wrong with the locking tuner and how do I fix it?
Which tuners did they use on the 2014 jp7 bfr model in case I need to replace them?
If this is a common issue which tuners could I replace the old ones with without drilling any new holes?

I've attached a couple images if that helps at all.

Any input would be appreciated,
Thanks heaps.