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Thread: Axis Super Sport: Feasible to replace EBMM hardtail with EBMM trem?

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    Axis Super Sport: Feasible to replace EBMM hardtail with EBMM trem?

    Hello good people,
    My Axis Super Sport (attached) get me 95% of everything I need tone-wise, feel, weight, and visually. It is the best guitar I have owned since 1984, and probably always be. BUT, the 5% I am missing is what my other Axis Super Sports had... the "Music ManŽ vintage tremolo".

    Does anybody know if it is possible to swap the factory EBMM hardtail (Standard - Music ManŽ strings-thru-the-body bridge of chrome plated, hardened steel with solid steel saddles) with the factory EBMM tremolo ("Music ManŽ vintage tremolo")?

    I know this sounds like a dumb question to many of you, but the sizing of the bridge and screws looks identical, so my fingers are crossed somebody can tell me this is possible. My luthier is awesome, and I imagine he could handle the extensive routing and under the hood work that would be required.

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    Since the Axis is a string thru the EBMM trem would need a cavity on the backside, so there would be some routing involved. Also you'll need to cut thru the cavity for the trem to fit. This isn't an easy thing, You might be better off selling it and getting an Axis with or trem. Or keeping it and getting a second one with a trem.

    P.S. Great looking Axis!!

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    Wow - your guitar is such beauty - I would not do it such harm!
    For the cost of the routing you may consider a 2nd hand trem version, maybe a more standard one, without that extensive figuring? The overall quality is so consistent, that most of them are really great guitars
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    Very nice SS.

    I would not touch that. I agree with the others, grab yourself another SS with trem.

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    Honestly, in terms of time, cost, and everything, finding an Axis SS with a trem is going to be far easier. Also, EBMM does not sell their trems, and they are most likely not going to trade a hardtail bridge for a trem.
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    Thanks, everybody. I predicted it would be insane/dumb to mess with an outstanding guitar that already meets SO MANY of my needs, so y'all's words confirm that "Perfect is the enemy of the good". I guess I am/was your typical GASsing guitar player wanting to wanna mess with my dream guitar that already has so much mojo. Dodged a bullet!

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    Interested if you sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banjoplayer View Post
    Wow - your guitar is such beauty - I would not do it such harm!
    Quote Originally Posted by Stevie View Post
    Very nice SS. I would not touch that.
    Agree with these gentlemen. That's a fine looking fiddle as is, though I am a bit of a sucker for a string-thru hardtail guitar.

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    Surely it's better to sell and buy an EBMM guitar with a tremolo than start to hack into such a beautiful instrument? Otherwise you can get top loading tremolos like a floyd ..but still way too much drilling for such a lovely guitar.

    Floyd Rose FRX Surface Mount Tremolo System - YouTube

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